Barrett Kroll, Assoc. Architect

You’ve got to design from your heart.
Have you ever stopped to consider that cooking is a lot like architecture? Barrett thinks that it is. It’s about starting with parts and pieces, putting them together in a way that creates something entirely new and experiential. In both cases, if you don’t enjoy the process, you won’t be happy with the end product. For Barrett, intuition is a key part of the process. You’ve got to design from your heart … it has to feel right.

“It’s all in the details. Anyone can make a simple problem look complex. It takes a collaborative effort to make the complex look and feel simple.”

Early career years spent designing award‐winning sports and collegiate facilities left him looking for something bigger. He wanted a stronger connection with the client and a bigger role in delivering the complete solution from start to finish. That ultimately led him to Urban Prairie.

“One of the things that makes Urban Prairie different is our relationship with our clients. Part of everyone’s role here is to build that relationship and trust. Engage in a real dialogue with everyone involved to help us all understand the project goals and work together to evolve our client's needs into a built reality.”

In keeping with the Urban Prairie culture, Barrett puts family first, staying active with his three young kids. He also finds time to feed his need to create and spend time outdoors— whether it’s painting, running trails, cooking, or exploring the “art” of making coffee. And yes, there is an art.