Urban prairies exist where an urban space lies vacant, overlooked or abandoned. There is usually a compelling history, another side to the story, and always opportunity not often seen at first glance, beauty waiting to be (re)discovered. Seeking potential typifies how we approach design. We strive for the unexpected value and the extraordinary result.

Urban prairies typify the relentless pull of nature to reclaim the man-made. If it does not work for you, if it does not work with nature, it is not sustainable. Creating balance between built and natural, urban and prairie compels us. 

It’s your project
Our clients are our greatest collaborators. We get it. We listen. This collaborative process that combines creativity with practical know-how, youthful energy and decades of professional practice is your resource. Architecture is a response to a need. The solution must be yours.

We’ve seen firsthand how the smallest or most unexpected change can transform an architectural experience into one that’s more personal, exciting, sustainable and efficient and ultimately, much more enriching. It’s what we do. We love it and we appreciate your curiosity about us!